March 10, 2014

McCall's 6878 Pattern Review

This past week I sewed a dress for my youngest from the McCall's 6878 pattern.  It turned out SO CUTE!  I love it!  I am making another one this week for her.  The only problem with it was once I got the whole bodice sewed together I had her try it on and the top of it was huge.  The inside edge of the shoulder straps started under her arms and it gaped all the way around.  I was very flustered.  So I took the bodice apart and moved the straps inward on the front and drew in two of the pleats in the back.  Perfect!  

Here is what she looked like yesterday morning for church.  I couldn't resist taking pictures of her walking around in my heels.  :)

I told her to be a ballerina for me.  Hehe.  Sorry about the clump of thread on the floor.  What can I say?  We sew a lot around here.  

I will post the next dress I make for her as well.  :)  

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