March 3, 2014

First Sewing Lesson...

Today I gave my two older girls their first sewing lesson.  With a sewing machine, that is.  They made themselves skirts.  They were ecstatic!  We picked out fabric a few days ago and they had been begging ever since to start.  With a busy weekend I just couldn't fit it in, but today I could!  And it's a good thing I waited til today because they didn't want to put it down.  We finished both of their skirts in one session!  Yep, 3 1/2 hours!  Whew!  Now that is one heck of a home economics class!

The first time using an iron:

Cutting out her skirt:

Pinning the seams:

Sewing the seams together:

First french seams!

Inserting the elastic in the casing:

Here is what the littlest one was up to while we were sewing up a storm. Too funny!

Almost done!

Still working on her elastic:

 All finished!  They were so proud!  

Ballerina moves always complete any fun experience.

It was truly a wonderful time for everyone.  They learned patience and how to focus on every little detail.  Katie was sighing and rubbing her eyes near the end.  She said, "Sewing makes me tired."  Lol.   I think she was concentrating very hard on it.  She pretty much sewed her skirt entirely by herself.  I was just standing there correcting little things here and there.  Ava needed more help and by the end she was just sitting on my lap and letting me do everything but the pedal.  

So glad we did this!  Totally worth all the time.  :)

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