October 20, 2010

My budding artist...

Recently I have been discovering how artistically inclined my oldest daughter is.  Homeschooling has really opened my eyes to how she learns and what her strengths and weaknesses are.  I have started her with Sonlight Curriculum, which I love because of how mapped out everything is for the teacher (me), but she is not thriving with it because it is very language oriented and she is very visually oriented.  So I've shifted my focus in her schooling to incorporate more visual activities (drawing, painting, photography, picture books, etc.).  Since I have spent more time with her visual side her creativity has just blossomed!  Here are some paintings she made this afternoon that I just LOVE!  They are so colorful and creative!  Can you tell what's on her mind?  She can't stop talking about Santa Claus and Christmas and snow.  She can't wait for the holidays to get here!

Here is a snowman:

Here is another snowman with large snowflakes falling:

Here is a picture of Katie and Ava playing in the snow together and holding hands:

Oh so sweet!

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