September 27, 2010

On my garden...

So here is my garden when it looked it's best this summer.  I won't show you current pictures because it looks pretty sad.  We are in the process of ripping out everything for the winter.  

As we were tearing out my currant tomato we saw a little mole run out and under the fence.  Jim tried to catch it but it got away.  So we went to finish ripping out the plant and then we saw a baby mole running around!  It was soooo cute!  I swear I got way more excited about it than I should have, but it was SOOO cute!  It kept crawling around my hand and digging his velvety nose into my palm trying to dig, I guess.  This one that Katie is holding squeaked a few times and I hope it doesn't die from shock.  Ava was squealing at it because she was so excited, but I think she scared it to death.

And then I found a whole nest of them!  I counted five!  I wanted to pick them all up, but I figured it was best not to.  So we returned the tormented baby mole to his brothers and sisters and covered them back up.  I hope their mommy finds them.

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  1. The little bitty mole is so cute!! I found your Little Girl with bird on Flickr. It is so cute! Thanks for the free download!!