October 28, 2010

Betsy McCall Paper Dolls...

I had the idea yesterday to look online for some paper dolls I could cut out for Katie.  I just wanted free printouts because I didn't want to spend money on something she wouldn't enjoy.  Anyway, I looked online for about two hours and I found these!  Betsy McCall paper dolls!  They are so CUTE!  They were printed monthly in McCall's Magazine from 1951 through the 1990s.  There are literally hundreds of dresses and dolls to cut out.  The design changed several times but I am in love with the first designs from the 50s.  On the website above you can print them all out for free!

I printed the first one out for my daughter, Katie, yesterday and she just loves it!  I am so excited she does!  She wants me to make her a bed and a closet to hang all of her clothes in.  I'm not sure about the closet but I might make a "dresser" out of shoe box for her.  

She has never heard of or seen paper dolls before as far as I know and she couldn't believe there was such a thing!  I love introducing her to new things.  All the searching online was worth finding these!

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