June 13, 2010

My Garden...

Here is how my garden is doing so far...

I love it!  It's so perfect and hubby even loves it too!  He's not mourning the loss of the grass anymore.  :)  He especially likes being able to mow in between each row.  

Here are my lovely broccoli, of which, I recently discovered have cabbage worms.  Yuck!  

An heirloom lettuce called "Merveille De Quatre Saisons".  It's from France and should get about 3 times that size.

Sweet bell pepper that I bought at a local nursery.  Isn't the pepper cute?!

Baby butterhead lettuces.  I think I can actually harvest some of them.  Yay!

"Little Marvel" peas.  They are a dwarf variety that only get 18" tall.  I just noticed these first pods today!

I have five different tomato plants, but this one is the most interesting!  Look at its sprawling habit!  Weird.  I'm not exactly sure how to stake this one.  It's a currant tomato called "Sweet Pea" and the tomatoes only get as big as a pea and are super sweet, but you probably guessed that from the name.  :)

If you look closely you can see a tiny little tomato forming!  Can't wait to taste it!

Rachel ox

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