May 25, 2010

Camping Trip #1 - Buck Creek State Park

This past weekend we went on our first successful camping trip of our entire marriage!  With all the other attempted camping trips, I was either pregnant or sick or both, or the campground was completely full (Memorial Day weekend, stupid us), or we got rained out.  But this time everything went beautifully!  The girls went to bed just fine (if not a couple hours past their bedtime), there were no bugs at all, the weather was beautiful, and the smores were oh so yummy!  The only bad thing was it got down to 53 degrees that night instead of the forcasted 60 degrees and we were all pretty chilled by the time we woke up, but that's ok!  Nothing that coffee and hot chocolate from the gas station can't fix.  I can't wait until our next trip, which will be to Hocking Hills in a couple weeks!

Here's our humble little campsite.

A view of the campground.  It was pretty full.

Katie posing in front of her very own tent!  She was so excited!

A view of the lake.  Beautiful!

Katie swinging "high, high, high!".  You can tell by the look on her face that she had never been on a swing that big before.

Ava having a blast on her swing.

All three of the kids, oops, I mean two kids and one husband all swinging.

Ava falling asleep.  This was about and hour past her bedtime.

Katie contributing to the record high pollen levels.

My favorite part of the trip!  All of us sitting around the campfire and just relaxing together and being a family.

Rachel oxo

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