September 20, 2010

Back again...

So I've been out for a long while and now I'm back to show you everything we've done this summer!  Are you ready?  I'll try not to bore you to death or show you a thousand pictures.  "Try" being the key word here.  I am just going to show some pictures with short blurbs as time is not on my side these days. :)

We took a few more camping trips this one being at Hocking Hill, Ohio.  It's a beautiful area.  Notice the banner strung between the tents?  I made it for Fourth of July!

Katie doing a pose at some waterfall in Hocking Hills:

A picture of us on the last day.  We look like we've been camping!

Jim and I got to go to a Dayton Dragons game together compliments of his company!

Here is our last camping trip to Lake Cumberland, KY.  Isn't this spot awesome?  It was basically a platform that hangs out over the lake.  Aparently, the lake was about 29 feet down due to construction on the dam, so the water is normally about 4 feet down from the platform there.  We will definitely be going back there!

We had a great time camping until the fuel pump broke in our new Suburban.  So we had to take a taxi back to our campsite.  I felt so stranded when the taxi driver left!  To make a long story short, Jim's parents actually  drove all the way down there to rescue us!!  We were so relieved they came because it took four more days to get the Suburban working again.  In the mean time we went to see Cumberland Falls and swam in the Hotel pool a lot!

In August, we went on a very spontaneous trip to Washington DC with Jim's family to visit his sister for her birthday.  We had a great time!

This is classic Ava!

I got to go with Jim to Boulder, CO for a business trip just a couple weeks ago!  I have to say that Colorado is now my favorite state!  I LOVE it there and I hope that someday we might get a chance to live there for a few years.  Here is the beginning of the Rocky Mountain National Park:

Jim got to go up with me on this one way dirt road up in the mountains.  It was so scary, but so fun!  I was able to do it twice!

Here are a couple panoramics that we did there in Colorado.  This one is at a little lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area called Long Lake.  Personally, this is the most peaceful place I have ever been to.  It was so still and peaceful it almost made me cry.  All you could hear was the wind blowing through the pines down the side of the mountain and the water lapping on the beach.  Also, it smelled like Christmas!

This is Rainbow Curve in the Rocky Mountain National Park:

If you click on the panoramics you can see them larger!  I'll try to keep up my blog more these days and I'll be posting pictures of my garden soon!

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