January 4, 2011

Polaroids from my In-laws!

My In-laws love the idea of me starting film photography and they've happily shown me all the film cameras, old pictures, and polaroids they can find.  I love it!  At Christmas they showed me these old polaroids they took back before (I think) my husband was born.  Not sure about that one though.  Don't you just love the colors!  They still look like this, btw.  My father-in-law has just started growing his mustache back and it looks great on him!  He told me that the suit he is wearing in the first and last pictures was what he wore to work everyday!  That's awesome!

Aren't they sweet?  You can tell how much they love each other!

Hope your New Year is starting off well!  I'll be back later with some goals (not resolutions) I have for this next year!

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