December 6, 2010

Free Colonial Glitterhouse Pattern...

Ok, so here it is!  My pattern for my colonial style glitterhouse!

It's a little rough but I tried to make all the measurements perfect.  The lines do go to the edge of the paper, so you might have to fill that part in after you print it out if your printer won't print all the way to the edge.  Here are the instructions:

1. Cut out all the pieces from chipboard with an exacto knife and a sturdy ruler

2. Score the folds with the exacto knife (you are only cutting halfway through)

3. Fold along the folds and glue it together with white craft glue, using the tabs.

4. Give the whole house a coating of some kind of primer or sealer.  I used wood sealer found at my craft store. (This step keeps the house from bowing when you paint it.)  Let it dry.

5. Choose your colors and paint her up!  Let it dry.

6. Use a glue for glitter and cover one section at a time.  Shake fine glitter over each section until you've done the whole house.  Let it dry.

7. Cut out several squares of chipboard that are bigger than the windows.  Paint them yellow, add glue to the edges, and place them inside the house gluing them to the backs of the windows.

8. Make wreaths out of green pipe cleaners and tiny ribbon.  Hot glue them together and then onto the house. Your done!

Here is the pattern for the house: Free Colonial Glitterhouse Pattern

I would LOVE to see the houses you make from my pattern!  Send me pictures!


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