February 16, 2010


Well, it's been too long since I've written a post.  So much has gone on since I last updated this.  First of all I have to complain and say that we got 6 more inches of snow yesterday.  Whaahhhh!  On top of the 10 or so inches we already have.  I feel like crying.  I looked at the averages for this area and the average temperature for the high in February is 40 degrees F.  We are NO where near that!  It's been in the teens and twentys for weeks.  Whaaahhhh!  On the bright side, it is very beautiful outside.

To add to my stash of plants I bought a Peperomia from our local nursery, I won a "Sweet Kate" Spiderwort at a gardening class I went to at our local Arboretum,  I've started a nasturtium on my windowsil, and my wonderful hubby got me a beautiful orchid for Valentine's Day!  I am so sorry to say that I was too anxious for the nasturtiums to sprout and I actually dug up one of the seeds to see if there was a root growing.  Big no, no.  I know.  I'm desperate.

Here is my hyacinth bulb!  It's growing even more!

I've bought a big stash of gorgeous fabric to start some new bags and I received some lovely linen in the mail that I bought from a girl in South Korea.  I LOVE getting new fabric!  It's like instant happiness!  Here is one of the bags I made with the new linen and a rolled fabric rose.  I used a wonderful tutorial from Portabellopixie for the rolled rose.  Cute, huh?

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