February 1, 2010

Not waiting for Winter to leave...

I officially have a chronic case of spring fever.  And that is very unfortunate for me because it  is about 2 months too early.  That means in about 2 weeks I am most definitely going to be  depressed when it is still cold outside.  I have a whole bunch of projects I can't wait to get started on and I am already buying plants left and right and keeping them here in the house.

I've bought two African violets from a very nice lady who sells them as a home business.  In the picture, the African violet under the bell jar is called "Irish Flirt" and it is a miniature with tiny, curly white and green flowers.  The one sitting in the beaded glass bowl is call "Buckeye Extravaganza" and it has large, frilly pink flowers.  I planted some pink hyacinth bulbs that I bought in Colonial Williamsburg, VA last October and they are already starting to sprout!  You cannot believe how excited I was to see that light green color breaking through!  I am also desperately wanting to buy a dwarf Meyer Lemon tree, but I just found out that they don't ship them until April.  Bummer.

I've already planned out my vegetable garden and I received my first shipment of seeds yesterday.  YAY!!!  Here is a list of the vegetables I am planting in the vegetable garden. (I know some people don't care, but I just love writing lists, especially for my garden!)

- Carrots "Round Romeo"
- Broccoli "All Season Blend"
- Kale "Lacinato"  also called "Dinosaur Kale"!
- Pole Beans "Kentucky Blue"
- Tomatoes (all are heirloom)
          - "Sweet Pea Currant" (they are the size of peas!)
          - "Blondkopfchen"
          - "Cherokee Purple"
          - "Black Cherry"
          - "Flamme"
- Eggplant "Prosperosa"

Apart from veggies, I am also growing six different herbs and a special marigold that ParkSeeds sells that is supposed to be especially good for getting rid of nemotodes in the garden.

I've been so absorbed in my gardening stuff I haven't felt like sewing much lately.  I have one more custom order to finish up and it's back to designing later this week.

Hope you all are staying busy enough to distract you from the winter gloom, unless, of course, you live in a warmer area to begin with.  In that case, lucky you!

Rachel xo


  1. I need some gardening tips from you. I'm really excited to plant some stuff in the spring, but I just know that I'll end up killing them. Can I fly you out here to help me? :)

  2. i can't wait for you to share some of your knowledge with me. i want to grow tomatoes and a few herbs, basil for sure.
    :) i love your blog!