January 4, 2010

An Oh Sew Fresh Start to 2010...

I was more than happy to pack away all our beautiful Christmas things a couple days ago.  A new year... a fresh start... mmmmm.  Sounds good.  I love new beginnings.  The anticipation of new experiences that will come this year.  The ability to do new things with my children as they grown older. Doing all the things I couldn't do on my list last year.  Isn't that what everybody hopes for?

Well a new year also brings new challenges too... like, what am I going to do with this undecorated living room?  I took all the Christmas things away and there is really nothing left.  What did I have up there on the mantle before Christmas?  Nothing.  Ughh.  Here are some pictures of my skimpy mantle.  Do any of you have some awesome decor advice for me?  Keep in mind I have a four-year-old and a one-year-old.

One area I am particularly proud of is my rather large wall behind our leather sectional sofa.  I think I've gone through about 3 different arrangements before I saw this one on Flickr a few months ago and I knew it was the one.  Like true love.  I couldn't have anything else.  So after much persuasion in my husband's direction and a great coupon to Michael's Craft store I bought all the frames.  I was the happiest little homemaker that night as I propped them up on the back side of the sofa to try to get an idea of what they would look like all put up.  Love never fails either.  And I learned that the next day when I spent two hours trying to hang them up and practically destroying the wall with a million little nail holes.  (Don't look behind the pictures!)  Now my challenge is printing out the pictures to put in the frames.  Right now all they have is the bright orange flower posters that they came with.  My mom loves them just the way they are!  :)  I will post another picture as soon as I have filled them.

This is a little decal bird I got from Elephannie on Etsy .  I love this little bird sitting on the back door frame!  He's made our house his home.  :-)

Wishing everyone a fresh start to your new year!


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