March 17, 2008

Bye Bye Baby...

Don't worry. She didn't die! Since moving to Texas our little family has made some pretty big realizations about what we want to do with our life. One being that we want to travel. A LOT. Well, in order for us to pursue our "dreams" some changes need to occur, like selling our house, moving into an apartment, downsizing our "stuff", and... giving away the cat. I've had my cat since she was born practically. The summer I was sixteen my grandfather, my dad, my sister and I took off on a 27 mile bike ride. (None of us knew it was going to be THAT long.) I physically could not bike the very last mile so I walked it. After a few minutes of walking my bike down the road, I felt something furry between my ankles. I looked behind me and saw a little gray tail and immediately jumped because I thought it was a squirrel! Well, it turned out to be a 1 week old kitten who was starving and sick and she could not find her momma. So she chose me instead! My dad wasn't about to take in another animal so even after much begging and pleading on my part he still made me carry her out to the woods and leave her there. Lucky for me she bounded through the grass right after me all the way back to the road. After that, my dad couldn't say no. So I've had her for 8 years and now she has a new home. I really like the new family that is taking her. I think she will be happy with them. I'm still sad though.

On a happier note, I am really enjoying my new Etsy shop for baby stuff! I love making little baby quilts, and burp cloths! Soon I am adding baby slings, diaper and wipes pouches, and boppy covers! I am having so much fun! I am going to try my new slings out on one of my friends who just had a baby a couple of weeks ago. She's gonna love it!

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