January 24, 2008

Sew, sew, sew...

Here are some pics of a beach out in San Diego that my husband took on his business trip earlier this week. He says these were taken right when the sun was coming up. Isn't it beautiful? I wish I could have gone with him.

The past couple days I've been sewing like there's no tomorrow. I've made four new bags and I've already cut out the fabric for four more! I can't believe I've worked so much on my business and I want to do even more! I feel so guilty working on my business so much because it takes away time from my daughter. The hardest part about running my little business is NOT working on it and taking the time to do the things that are more important, like playing with my daughter and keeping the house clean and checking my voicemail and calling everyone back. Has anyone else had this struggle? It's SO hard. If some of you do have to deal with trying not to work on your business so much, tell me what your tricks are. Lord knows I need them.

I got so many great comments and a couple buys on the blue patchwork bag that I decided to make another one with Heather Bailey's "Freshcut" line of fabric. I think it looks awesome, if I do say so myself. It turned out really well! I never get tired of Heather Bailey's fabric.

Speaking of fabric, I bought some of Grand Revival's "Barefoot Roses" fabric. I bought it yesterday afternoon from Cabbage Rose Quilt Shop and I got it in the mail today! Talk about speedy delivery! Of course their quilt shop is only about a day's drive from me but still. I'm impressed. I can't wait to show you what I make with it! It truly is some of the most beautiful fabric I've ever seen, and it appeals to the romantic in me.

So I will be spending the next couple of days working on my other New Year's resolutions and not so much on my business. Like learning French, and reading biographies, and working out, and cooking gourmet meals (or trying to at least). : )

Good night everyone and thank you for all the encouraging comments. I love to hear from you! Keep 'em coming!


  1. I don't even have shop and I feel like I am neglectful of my kids and husband and voice mail and all the other things that creep in. One thing at a time.

  2. Will you reply with pattern you used for these totes?--if you don't mind, that is! They're very cute!
    We're Dallasites, too, I took my Catie to the Zoo last year--I'm going to the Arboretum soon for some tulip pictures!

    Keep up the GREAT work--I'm not nearly as advanced & am really impressed with your blankets (I was intimidated by the pattern--I mean, just looking at it!). Thanks in advance, MC