January 19, 2008

Baby Booties and Summer Sunshine (or lack thereof)

I went to a baby shower this morning for a good friend of mine. I haven't been around a lot of women in a long time and it was sooooo nice! I forgot how much I missed the company of other women. I have a hard time trying not to get too caught up into my business and I forget what a blessing it is to talk to another woman for awhile and not do anything else. Anyway, I made a special gift for my mom-to-be-friend. I made a pair of baby booties from Heather Bailey's "Bitty Booties" pattern. Aren't they adorable? I noticed at the baby shower that I am starting to get a reputation for making things for people at each of their showers of any kind. Several women came up to me and asked me what I made for the mom-to-be, assuming that I had made something. Other's came up to me and said "You made her some baby booties, didn't you?". It is nice to have people recognize you as the-one-who-always-makes-gifts-BY-HAND person. But at the same time it could be a curse. Now everyone will expect me to make something at every shower, birthday or Christmas. That's not such a bad burden to have though in my opinion.

My husband is going out of town tomorrow on a business trip to San Diego and he's taking the only camera we have with him. So I had to make something to put up in my Etsy shop today. That way I won't feel behind when he gets back because I won't be able to take any pictures for new listings. Like I said before about my business - I'm addicted. And that's putting it mildly. So here it is! My new tote. Told you it would have linen in it! I think it looks so fresh (pardon the pun) and summery! And I really need that right now considering we are all in the depths of Winter's gloom.

Anyway, hope this brings a ray of sunshine to your weekend! And I hope you enjoyed my ramblings...


  1. Found your blog through Flickr.

    The booties are SO cute!

  2. I found your blog through flickr too. This bag is gorgeous!!!
    Welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you enjoy it!!!