June 16, 2011

Baby crochet...

Here is a little project I'm working on.  I'm making a granny square, crocheted blanket for our little girl who will be born in September!  I used Instagram on my phone, so the colors are not accurate but I love how they look.  The orange color is actually a dark pink.


  1. These are lovely, Rachel! You are very talented. This will be a keepsake when this new little baby grows up;)

  2. Oh my goodness! Are you really doing this?! You are awesome, Lady! I posted about wanted to make just such a blanket with just such colors last summer...so far I've collected a bit of yarn. Oh! it's going to be so lovely. And thank you for the Steady Days recommendation - just got my copy in the mail and it looks like exactly what I need - thank you!