May 1, 2010

A busy month...

Well, I haven't checked in here in a while, but if you knew everything that has been going on this past month you would understand.  I'm not going to bore you with all the dull details, but I am going to do a little shameless show-and-tell!  I am convinced that in order to be a good seller on Etsy it takes more than having a quality product, it takes great photography too.  Your thinking so what else is new?, right?  The more I work on my business the more I see how important the photography is.  Its not just the color accuracy, good lighting, and multiple views.  It's scale photos.  You know.  Showing your product with an object that is universally a standard size (like yourself!) so people know exactly how your product will look when they get it in the mail.  People like that.  I've been selling the same bags for a while now and they sold here and there, but I had no scale photos.  As soon as I added scale photos of me holding and using the bags they got twice as many views and sold really fast and even made it into the Etsy blog a couple times!  I was so excited that I was selling so many except I made the mistake of just relisting items as they sold without them being made thinking I could keep up.  Very bad idea.  I've been more than swamped this past month.  Among all the bags I sold I also received three custom orders for bridesmaid bags!  Here are the pictures of them lined up all pretty:

I am so happy to finally be caught up and refreshed and ready to go again!

Hope your having a great weekend...

Rachel ox

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