January 14, 2010

Such a beautiful, exhausting life...

Besides being super busy taking care of my kids while my hubby is out of town, I've also been super busy sewing and creating too.  Yesterday was very exciting and unexpected.  It's so funny now that I think about it.  Yesterday afternoon I sold my embroidered, red tea cozy in my shop!  I put a lot of work into that tea cozy and I was thrilled that someone loved it enough to buy it from me.  Then I got an email from someone who wanted one too, and then another email, and ANOTHER email.  I was so confused.  How could something that has been for sale for about a month now suddenly be something everyone wants?  I just shrugged my shoulders and started having thoughts about how great of a designer I was and how people are discovering me and I am going to be famous one day.  (Come on, after a boost like that anyone would start having those thoughts, right?)  Well, I looked at my Etsy shop this morning and I've had 31 people fave my shop since yesterday morning.  Ok, something HAD to have happened.  I was thinking, how in the world did that many people stumble into my shop?  So I did a little Google search on my red tea cozy and found that it was in "The Spotlight" section of The Storque on Etsy!  Here it is if you would like to have a look.  I could not believe it!  I was so excited!  It was good that I found that otherwise my head might have gotten too big over nothing!  Ha ha!  Anyway, for what it's worth, I am thrilled that 3 other people love my red tea cozy and they want me to make it for them.  I get more of a rush from people loving my creations than the money I get from selling them.  The money just helps me create more things that I dream up.  It's fueling my hobby!  And that's a good feeling.   :)

For the sake of putting up a picture with every post I write, here is one of my one-year-old who just figured out how to reach the fresh-baked cookies on the counter!  She was thrilled to say the least when she realized what she had accomplished!  Love it!  :)


Have a beautiful week, everyone!


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  1. that's awesome! congratulations! i bet a lot of people have your etsy site bookmarked now cuz of all the cute stuff you have on there!