December 2, 2009

I've Been Practicing...

Just because I haven't been selling anything in my Etsy shop for the past year and a half doesn't mean I haven't been sewing and making things, mostly for my house! Here are a few:

I repainted and recovered the cushion on this old gossip bench from the 50s or 60s. In case you didn't know what a gossip bench was, they would put a phone on the table and a phone book in the cubby. Fully equipped for gossiping!

This pillow is one of my favorites! I made yo-yos out of my scrap fabric (hardly made a dent) and sewed them together! It was a lot more time intensive than it looks. I honestly thought that it wouldn't take any time at all. I also made the pillow behind it with a sweet pleated ruffle.

One of the first projects I made when we moved into our new house was these fabric covered mirrors. I bought the frames at IKEA for $1 a piece, then removed the mirror, padded the frame with batting, covered the frame with Heather Bailey's fabric, and put the mirrors back in! That's it! I LOVE them!

I made these curtains for my kitchen. Not much, I know, but if you were here you would see how much they add to the kitchen. The colors of this room are yellow, red, and teal! Sorry about the crappy picture, yellow light and rainy weather don't help.

Have a great day... :)


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