February 2, 2008

Finally Finished!

It's done! My Heather Bailey quilt is finally finished! I started it back in September and now it is complete. You know, the whole reason why it took me soooo long to finish is the binding. Yup. The binding. Everything else was done except the binding. I am way too perfectionistic about those kinds of things. On Heather Bailey's blog she has a free tutorial on how to perfectly bind a quilt with pretty little mitered corners and everything. Well, she machine sews on the binding on one side of the quilt and then flips it around and hand sews it to the other side of the quilt. It looked so beautiful and perfect, so nothing else would do for my quilt but to hand sew the binding on. Three months later...

Anyway, my sweet hubby took care of our 2 year old all morning so I could do whatever I wanted to do. I took one look at that quilt and I thought better to have a finished MACHINE SEWN quilt than to have an unfinished quilt forever, right?. And that was that. I snatched up that dusty quilt and had the binding sewn on in half and hour. That's all it took! I will never hand sew a binding onto a quilt again! (Well, maybe not never.)

Now I have a wonderful idea! Since I like making quilts so much (provided I machine sew on the binding) I am going to make some beautiful baby quilts to sell in my Etsy shop! They are going to be gorgeous! The first one will be the same as the quilt I just finished only smaller and with a lime green fleece backing so it will be oh sew soft on baby's skin. What do you think? I promise you'll love 'em, just wait until I show you! Maybe I'll add a sweet ruffle around the edge too.

Here's a stowaway I found in my fabric stash this afternoon! I love fabric so much, I wish I could sleep in there too! It looks so cozy in there. Ha, just kidding! I'm not really THAT crazy. Or am I?

Have a great weekend everyone! I love all the comments!


  1. Hey Rach! I think quilts are a great idea! I can't wait to see more! You are super talented!! Way to use those Godly gifts!

  2. any chance you can tell me how you machine sewed on the binding??? I HATE hand sewing...HATE IT! I would love to make quilts but the binding has me stalling before I even begin.
    I would appreciate your help.


  3. love your blog here! i will be back to visit you soon!